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An overview of Zepto and RLG laptops

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Today, I bring you an overview of Zepto and RLG laptops.

 With this blogging thing of mine came the need to own a laptop…… Back in college, I had purchased a  second hand desktop that  stopped working almost about the same time I submitted my thesis…..guess it wanted to just see me through……faithful servant…! Now the problem was which brand of and type of laptop will give me the best specification at the least cost….Here in Ghana, there are a number of categories of laptops to choose from. They include the “home used”: second hand laptops often imported from the US and Europe, locally used laptops offered for sale, and brand new laptops (brands such as DELL, Apple, Samsung etc.) the cheapest among  these are the locally used ones and the most expensive are of course  the brand new imported laptops. The problem I found with these categories is that people always found it difficult to get parts for them whenever they broke down especially the second hand ones that often break down easily. 

The last group of laptops are the locally assembled ones….so called “made in Ghana” laptops….two brands that stand out in this category are the Zepto and RLG laptops….Zepto laptops are produced by a Danish company that relocated to Ghana after they were declared bankrupt in November 2009.
RLG laptops are produced by a subsidiary of the AGAMS Group of Companies: rlg Communications is a Ghanaian-owned limited liability company.

Zepto laptops come in the 10”,14”,15.6” and 17”……the specifications and prices are as follows:

Zepto 10 inch Netbook
Screen Dimension       10 inches
Processor         Intel® Atom™ Processor N455
Operating System       Windows 7 Starter
Hard Disk Drive         250GB
 Price: GH¢ 599

Zepto 14 inch Netbook
Screen Dimension       14 inches
Processor         AMD-C Series (Dual-Core)
Operating System       Windows 7 Starter
Hard Disk Drive         320GB SATA HDD
 Price.. :GH¢ 899

Zepto 15 inch Laptop
Screen Dimension       15 inches
Processor         Intel® Pentium Dual Core ® Processor T4500
Operating System       Windows 7 Starter
Hard Disk Drive         250GB
 Price.. :GH¢ 1180

Zepto 17 inch Laptop
Screen Dimension       17 inches
Processor         Intel® CORE i3-350M (2.26GHZ , ARRANDALE)
Operating System       Windows 7 Starter
Hard Disk Drive         500 GB
 Price.. :GH¢ 1999
RLG offers the mgs range of laptops…….their specifications are as follows:

mgs One:
An exclusive aluminum coating, 4-hour long playing time, built-in wireless, webcam and slim, light-weighted and performs best due to its relatively fast processor. With Bluetooth features the 2GB, 12.1

Price: GH650

mgs Two:

This is upgraded version of the mgs One with a CD Rom feature. It is light, easy to carry and quite stylish.

Price: GH 750(old price) currently out of stock.

As you can see information on RLG laptops is a bit difficult to come by….they have a Facebook page but they hardly answer queries posted on it and I find that very unacceptable for an IT company….they have a weak marketing department and their website needs a lot of tuning  up….they however have offices in almost every regional capital and they provide reasonably good after sale service. They have hire purchase arrangements for salaried workers and have entered into various deals with government to provide laptops for schools.

Zepto on the other hand has representation in two out of ten regions: Accra and Kumasi…..but have a stronger representation on the net…their website
Provides detailed information on all their products…they also have some sort of hire purchase arrangement for salaried workers although it doesn’t really work at the moment….they always come up with an excuse that the hire purchase  forms have run out(for over a month now….Kumasi office) , they also provide training in I.T.

I settled for a zepto 14”  because generally I think Zepto is a bit ahead in quality……the reason I would recommend any of these brands however is the after sales service they provide…..meaning you don’t need to bother about  replacement parts and stuff  like that…and the relatively cheaper cost.

Convertion rate: GH 1.7=$1

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