Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Review of Techno HD51

Welcome To the lane, this is my first product review. hope you enjoy it. A few years ago, as mobile phones were becoming popular in these parts of the world, the market leaders were Nokia and Sony Ericson with phones that cost so much but could do no more than making and receiving calls, back then phones and network access were so expensive that only few Africans could afford them. 

Then came the savior ; what were referred to as “china phones” (usually imitated phones branded as Nokia or Ericson), cheap feature phones that could do more than just voice. Some came with features such as TV, wap, radio, mp3 players…everything one could think of. Most of these phones were however not durable and soon gained a not so good reputation.  

Yet china phones have persevered and have become more popular. Today some come with their own brand names. An example is the Techno brand of phones; feature phones made by Techno Telecom Limited. My review today is about the Techno HD51. 
I fell in love with this phone the day I saw it’s ad on television. The HD51 is a feature phone with an attractive design , a metallic look much like the Nokia 1600, with a display of 2.2”ips.The functions of the phone include camera, wap, dual sim, radio, Bluetooth,, torchlight(for any eventual power outage)  what I love most is the TV feature, compatible with free to air analogue stations. The picture quality is most impressive when the signal is strong. It also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera that gives very good shots. Now let’s come to the features that make this phone almost a smart phone….JAVA. This makes it possible for the phone to run java compactible applications like opera, twitter, Facebook, games, Skype etc. 

The most important of these to me is the opera. The phone comes with opera 3.0 basic, this makes browsing quite an experience..... a million times better than the old wap we all know. I have since been able download and use opera 3.0(advanced) and opera 4.3 accent. I however have been unable to install opera 6.1. I keep getting this error message(default game cannot be updated) currently the opera 4.3 works best and I am able to download pictures and video at reasonable speeds(for such a phone) I have also installed apps like NIV bible, Google maps and some racing games. The battery life is ok, about 48 standby, 3hours talk time and 6hours browsing time.
The video plays 3gp and mp4 files.  my only complaint  about this phone is that it goes off by itself especially after several hours of browsing. A problem that is probably due to battery quality. Another problem is the phones cover or housing, mine has metallic plating and unfortunately this plating is already coming off after just 3months of use.
That said, I believe that the techno HD51 is a good buy for these ups and down sides. 

It cost just about $80, a good price as compared to the Nokia C2 -00 which has most of techno HD51 features except the TV function. The Nokia C2-00 goes for around $140. So if you long for an IPhone 4s or a blackberry touch like I do but don’t have the means, I recommend the techno HD51 for now.
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