Sunday, 12 February 2012

AFCON update...!

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Wow….and wow again…! What a tournament this has been and my God what  a final match…! African football has really come a long way.

The final match between the elephants of Ivory Coast and the copper bullets of Zambia more than lived up to expectation…end to end action for 120 whole minutes! 
The Zambians were not in any way outclassed by the Ivorians…they really showed they deserved to be in the finals. Ivory Coast and Chelsea striker Didier drogba missed a penalty kick…His second penalty miss in the tournament (seems he caught the Gyan syndrome). The copper bullets also had good chances but missed them…Finally after 120 minutes of great football, the question of who wins AFCON 2012 had to be decided via penalty shoot-out; really nervy moments….reminded me of what happened 20 years ago between the elephants and the black stars of Ghana…I couldn't eat days after that game…the Ivorians won 11-10…The first round of five penalty kicks could not break the tie…Finally, the Ivorians missed a kick and when everyone thought the cup will go to Zambia, they also missed their kick…suddenly, the elephants were back with a chance, Gervinho stepped up and missed the kick…The Zambians had another chance and they took it….Zambia are African champions…! Who on earth would have believed this three weeks ago when the AFCON kicked off? It seemed the spirits of the 23 men (members of the Zambian national team..KK. 11) who tragically lost their lives 19 years ago off the coast of Gabon while on their way for an AFCON qualifier against Senegal, were on the field playing….this was indeed an emotional win for the copper bullets…a win to the memory of the faithfully departed…the copper bullets did hit their target and brought the elephants to their knees…The closing ceremony was one of a kind…the cup was carried onto the park by dancing pygmies…what a sight…Zambia are the Kings of African football…
 In the third place match played a day earlier, the eagles of Mali paid back the black stars of Ghana in equal measure beating them by two goals to nil…the question now is….. who wins AFCON 2013…?  See you in South Africa…!
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