Thursday, 16 February 2012

Parliaments day of shame..!

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Today, the president of this tiny West African country(Ghana) gave the state of the nation address, more like the state of the union address of the USA. Well I have learnt not to pay attention to such events because they make no difference to the ordinary man…this year’s state of the nation’s address was as usual presented before the nations parliament and before honorable parliamentarians-at least I thought they were honorable until today…My concern here is not about the content of the president’s speech but the conduct of our so called honorable parliamentarians.

We all know what heckling is and we see it all the time in other developed democracies….I was therefore shocked to see grownups, supposedly responsible adults who have been voted by their constituents to represent and give them a voice in the national assembly behave like silly children in the name of heckling the president, in the full view of the entire world…shouting at the top of their voices, singing and whistling at the president of the republic to go away…I find this behavior very disturbing…..what are the MPs teaching the youth of this nation? Should we ever take them seriously? Are these people fit to be called parliamentarians? I am so disappointed…I have always had my reservations about politicians but I never expected them to go this far…are these the same parliamentarians asking for an increase in their pay? Truly I think the tax payers money is being wasted on these ******* someone please tell them that the next time they decide to behave like apes, they should remember that the whole world and the youth of this nation are watching-God save us.
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