Saturday, 25 February 2012

Highway comedy

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The occasion was the commissioning of the M1 highway, a 14.1 kilometer expressway, all dignitaries present. The president his Ex. John Evans Mills…former president kufour, the chairman of the millennium Development Authority…….and any other important personality who mattered in the nation at that moment…..great occasion it was….A day earlier, a group purporting to represent the disabled in the society had threatened that it would disrupt the event “at all cost” (a quite popular phrase in this country nowadays..) 

According to them they had filled a writ in the court to place an injunction on the formal opening of the Highway. Their reason was that the highway was not disability friendly and thus contravened the disability law. Their leader was very optimistic and spoke on almost every radio station assuring the public that the ceremony would be put on hold by the court. we were all therefore left to wonder what will become of the much anticipated opening of the M1 highway. The ceremony itself was billed to start around 1-2pm (yes that is how we here quote our time….never specific)
Around 10am there was news that a group of young men were picketing around the highway – their demand; that the Highway be named after one Paa kwesi Ndoum…. Leader of the Peoples progressive party(PPP) and a former minister of state in the past government headed by ex. president kufour. They claimed that Dr Paa kwasi Ndom was solely responsible for securing the compact for Ghana….credit should therefore be given him and the best way to do that was to name the highway after their leader.
The police were called in and a dozen or so were arrested.

The two main political parties NDC and NPP were not left out of the plot. The NPP questioned the presence of NDC flags along the Highway since they had secured the millennium compact (funding) for the project, so they were the ones who deserved credit for the highway, supporters of the ruling NDC also countered by saying that although it was the NPP who secured the compact, it was they who oversaw the actual construction- they also claimed full credits.
Supporters of both parties were therefore present at the ceremony grounds in their various party colours –each singing praises to their respective leaders ….naturally they tried to outdo each other –you can imagine the commotion. The event did finally start with long speeches from anyone who had a voice and soon, the highway was finally commissioned and named the George Walker Bush Motorway.

For those of you guys not familiar with all this talk of compacts etc.. Here is a brief explanation….: the millennium development authority(MIDA) was set up to oversee  the implementation of projects in selected African countries-countries who were deemed to be living “holy” lives according to U.S standards  (thriving democracy pla pla… )
The U.S adopted this strategy because it claims that aid giving directly to African countries often ended up lining the pockets of corrupt leaders-so ladies and gentlemen; this particular Highway was constructed and paid for by the US tax payer….. Every single cent-so our job as Ghanaians was simply to commission the Highway….and what did we do..? We turned the event into a circus…isn’t it enough that we can’t pay for our own roads..? Does it matter which government secured the funding and who actually oversaw the roads construction..? When will we ever be serious in this nation….is it not a course for concern that we have become beggars in spite of all our wealth…? Again I end a post by saying “God save us…..
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